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Olive Grove Eats

Unsurpassed culinary, charming atmosphere and exquisite service in the heart of the city

Welcome to

Olive Grove Eats

Unsurpassed culinary, charming atmosphere and exquisite service in the heart of the city

Welcome to

Perfection in every dish

Olive Grove Eats restaurant welcomes you to the world of unsurpassed culinary and exquisite service. We offer you an unforgettable journey to taste delights that will remain in the heart and on the tongue of every guest.

Our talented chefs, passion for culinary experiments and sophisticated selection of ingredients help us create the most delicious dishes that are distinguished by deep flavors and aesthetics of presentation. Each dish at Olive Grove Eats is an art created with love for food.

Entering our restaurant, you will be transported to an atmosphere of comfort and sophistication. Our stylish interior concept, which combines tradition and modernity, creates the perfect setting for a romantic dinner, business lunch or a festive event. Come with your loved ones, friends or colleagues and experience the magic of Olive Grove Eats.


On our menu you will find a variety of dishes, from classic Italian pasta and pizza to delicious French desserts. We pride ourselves on using the freshest ingredients, which are selected with attention to detail. Our menus change seasonally so that we can always offer you new delicacies based on the freshest products.

Creamy mushroom soup


Penne with chicken and mushrooms


Caesar with chicken


Scallops with white-headed shrimp


Seafood risotto


Spaghetti with seafood


Angus steak with Bernese sauce


Pizza Margarita


Italian lasagna




Chilean catfish with lemon and capers


Chocolate fondant


Risotto with pumpkin and spinach


Cheesecake with lemon sauce


Salmon with honey mustard glaze


Classic creamy brulee



What our guests say about us

At Olive Grove Eats, we place a special emphasis on the highest level of service. Our employees are hospitality professionals who are always ready to do their best to make your stay at our restaurant a memorable one.


“Absolutely delightful dining experience at Olive Grove Eats! The flavors were exquisite, the ambiance was charming, and the service was impeccable. Highly recommended!”


“What a hidden gem! Olive Grove Eats surpassed all my expectations. The food was delectable, the atmosphere was cozy, and the staff was incredibly friendly. A must-visit for food enthusiasts!”


“I had the most wonderful time at Olive Grove Eats. The dishes were a culinary masterpiece, the setting was elegant, and the attention to detail was impressive. Thank you for an unforgettable evening!”


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